Resound Audio Productions has designed the following systems to provide exceptional sound quality for a wide variety of applications. Feel free to contact us if you need to customise any of these packages or tailor any part of a system to meet your exact specifications...

All systems include sound engineer and delivery

Audio System 1 : (100 – 1000 people)

- Compact and Powerful Digital Solution


This system is ideal for touring bands, ‘All Ages’ events, corporate events, outdoor productions, compact festival venues, speech, music playback, DJ’s and dance music, school productions and community carols and can be set up in approximately 1 hour with 2 people. This system will run off 2 x 10A power outlets however 3-phase supply is desirable for high sound pressure level applications.

Audio System 2 : (500 – 2500 people)

- Large Scale Audience Coverage and Sound Projection

This system is ideal for larger scale band events, larger outdoor productions, festival stages and large community carols.

Audio System 3 : (30 – 150 people)

- Vocal / Acoustic Package


This system is ideal for speech and music playback, acoustic duos, trios and bands, weddings, corporate presentations, functions and events.